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How to troubleshoot the rivet gun (blind rivet gun)

Public date:2019/6/21 9:15:02 Visits:

The blind rivet gun, also called the rivet gun, is widely used in the decoration process because of its simple operation, convenient and practical, and low price. The life of a rivet gun can be used for many years, but because the internal melon pieces often cannot catch the rivet irons, they lose their value and are discarded.

Repair and repair the riveting gun, first understand the parts caused by the failure of the riveting gun. The three pieces of the melon inside the rivet gun and the tapered melon piece (three-claw head) are the main components of the riveting gun, and also the fault. Where the area is cleaned, it is the focus of repairing the riveting gun.

First, put on the work gloves, use the live-mouth wrench to remove the guide, and then loosen the nut of the fixed melon, remove the melon, and take out the three melons. Pay attention to the location of each component when disassembling. And order, easy to assemble after cleaning).

Put half a spoonful of washing powder in the basin, add water, put all the parts of the rivet gun into the basin, use a toothbrush to brush all the parts of the rivet gun and the iron filings and oil stains of the inner bin.

Remove the brushed parts and wipe them dry with a cloth, including the inner compartment and the parts.

The following are the key points: use the blade and screwdriver to scrape all the iron filings stuck on the melon pieces and inside the melon pieces. Note that the melon pieces and the melon pieces are shipped from the factory, all of which are lathe processing, no point-like protrusions, any protrusions. All are iron filings, must be scraped off with a knife.

After all the cleaning is done, the iron filings are blown off and assembly begins. First, put the melons in the mouth of the melons, and throw the three melons into the small heads. After fixing them with a screwdriver, insert the main part, tighten the melons, and fix the nuts.

Finally, roll a piece of paper into a roll to block the guide pin tube, use a blade to cut the pencil, scrape some fine pieces on the paper, pour it from the waste nail outlet, pull the rivet gun down, repeat the combined opening pressure The handle allows the lead to fully lubricate all parts in the three-claw chamber.

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