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Service philosophy:

Quality first, reputation is important, management is based, service is sincerity

Service mode

Pre-sales consultation: Good service is the key to developing a business. Our service starts with customer demand. Our company is equipped with a strong technical support and service team, focusing on strengthening all-round technical communication with customers, fully understanding customer needs, and trying to provide customers with solutions and value-added services that exceed customer expectations.

Sales support: From production → warehousing → delivery → logistics → tracking → product delivery → customer feedback, we have established a complete, detailed and thoughtful order fulfillment process, through the process of standardization of customer order fulfillment.

After-sales service: Dissatisfied with the customer's use process, we adhere to the principle of “first analysis and then analysis”, quickly handle all kinds of customer complaints, ensure that customer's problems are solved and implemented in the first time, and do not affect customers for our reasons. Time and benefits. We are always thinking about customers, providing customers with quality services, diversified services, humanized services, improving service mechanisms, continuously improving and improving after-sales service, and striving for a win-win situation for both enterprises and customers.

Service Center:

Tel: 0575-82930988

Fax: 0575-82932988

Address: Industrial Zone, Yonghe Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province

Zip code: 312371

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