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Shaoxing Tiancheng Tool Co., Ltd.

Quality First,Reputation first
Constantly seeking technological innovation and developing new products
to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers

The company's predecessor is specialized in the production of Japanese, French, British, German, American and other rivet guns and various types of wrenches, auto parts, plastic parts, gardening tools and other products manufacturing base, has been the main hardware tools for more than 10 years Export. In the ever-changing market, in order to ensure long-term customer support, the company will present its customers with a new look in 2019: with excellent quality, competitive price and timely and thoughtful service, we always adhere to the business philosophy of integrity.

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Our company has complete production facilities and complete testing equipment.


Here, you will learn about our latest developments and the latest industry news.

How to troubleshoot the rivet gun (blind rivet gun) The blind rivet gun, also called the rivet gun, is widely used in the decoration process because of its simple operation, convenient and pra...
What if the rivet gun can't hold the rivet? Unscrew the black part of the head. There should be a black adjusting nut inside, tighten it a little, then clean the debris and install it....
Congratulations Shaoxing Tiancheng Tool Co., Ltd.‘s ... After a period of design and production, Shaoxing Tiancheng Tool Co., Ltd.'s website has finished. Welcome new and old customers to visi...

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